News and Fun Facts from a world where Raptors and Humans Co-Exist

Raptor News

Raptors vs. Zombies?

The Council of Raptors has pledged its support in the hypothetical, but clearly impending zombie apocalypse.  A faction of raptors oppose the decision because zombies seem like they’d have a terrible aftertaste. Human opposition to this alliance argue that raptors who bite zombies may turn into zombie raptors. If zombie raptors become a thing, we may have to rely on our equally inevitable robot overlords to save us all.


Raptor Attack Kicks Out the Beats

Electronic musician and raptor, Raptor Attack posted some sweet tracks at his SoundCloud account. Raptor Attack also goes by the pseudonym, Adam Brockmeier. He hails from Pensecola, known for its raptor communities, and was classically trained in piano. Insert tiny dinosaur arms joke here.


Raptors v Schlage

The law firm Sampsoni, Cabazai & Dromaeosaur  LLP and the Council of Raptors today announced intent to pursue a class-action discrimination lawsuit against Schlage, a well-known manufacturer of round doorknobs and other related products. When asked how the unfortunately shaped doorknobs had impacted its life, the Council representative screeched incomprehensibly.