News and Fun Facts from a world where Raptors and Humans Co-Exist

Raptors are Helping

Blueberries and cherries are 90% dependent on honey bee pollination. The remaining 10% is done by raptors with tiny paintbrushes.

[Source: Noted Raptor Behavioral Researcher, Edward Liu]


Tetris Raptors Unite

Some raptors use their problem-solving intelligence for non-lethal means. The current reigning Tetris champion is a raptor and he did not win by eating his competition.


Raptor Jesus is a Paradox

If Raptors are militant atheists and Raptor Jesus is a raptor, does Raptor Jesus believe in himself?


Raptor Jesus Has a Sad

Raptors, ironically, do not believe in Raptor Jesus, because Raptors are militant atheists.

Noted Raptor Theologian, Shawn Hopkins


Raptors vs. Mark Dacascos

Even if he were heavily outnumbered by raptors, Mark Dacascos would still win.


Raptors Are Eco Friendly

As raptors cannot drive, they run to work in packs or take public transportation.